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My gig with more than 3k reviews was removed after changing gig's image

I have a gig with more 4 years of history, more than 4000 orders. Today I slightly changed my gig’s image and after few minutes it was deleted.
Reason: Not original image.
But it is original, it is my photo.
Please help me somebody. What I should to do?


Contact CS, provide proof that the image is yours (a source file, screenshot of the image details if it’s a photograph, etc.)


Thank you for your advice.
I already contacted CS and waiting for reply. I don’t understand why they removed best-selling gig without any warnings.


So sorry this happened to you. Let’s hope CS restores it. :hugs:


As @lenasemenkova said customer support will ask you to provide source file or vector of your gig’s image for checking, Is it your own or not.
Already you contacted customer support. So, wait for the response.


I’m so frustrated and really SHOCKED. Is it possible to restore it if it was deleted?

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Really, sad. As far as now, to edit any gig means to fall down from the list. Whatever to change gig image, title will impact on your gig performance. I think wrong task done by you. You’ve to wait till it rank. Don’t worry your review will remain. So, don’t try this bull shit work again.

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Wait for the best.
Customer support will give you response within business days.
Thank you!


sorry for that. wish you all the best

@pussyacat 4000 orders!!! You should have known that changing gig image is not good for gig ranking. You can’t edit some major things on the gig. Wait for CS and I think you will overcome this situation.

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Changing a gig image is not a crime and it is not affecting stats at all. And it is not a reason for deleting trusted gig


I did not mean changing gig image is the reason for deleting your gig, I said it is not good for ranking. Most of sellers say it effects stats so far I know. But definitely it is not any rule that editing gig will effects gig stats , effects is different with different sellers.

My stats dropped 2 weeks ago without any reason so I decided slightly edit my gig image.
Now gig completely deleted (not paused, draft, etc). It is deleted and I can’t recover it myself. I hope that CS will help me.

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That’s actually a very good question. Because I’ve seen the post once where the OP claimed CS told them they couldn’t restore it even though the removal has been accidental. But I’ve only seen such a claim made once, long ago. I’d assume if restoring a gig was a problem, we’d see a lot more complaints about it.

I’m sure that it was an automatic check. But I don’t understand why it was immediately removed. They could send at least a warning but not delete gig with a lot of positive reviews.
And I don’t break any rules, it was my own photo.

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I am faced this problem some days ago

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Yes it is very frustrating. When you hardly worked last 4 years, deliver quality work in time and suddenly everything crashed. And the reason is just because you used your own photo.
I simply even don’t have a words how to describe my emotional condition now :sob:


Before change gig images you should screen shot and used the screen shot as 1 gigs…

My gig is well indexed it is 4 years old. So I can use web archive for this

Support team can restore the GIG