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My gig with perfect reviews not showing in public search!


I have a medical writing gig which was ranked on 1st page for 3-4 months. It has absolutely perfect reviews (all 5 stars). But since last week or so, my gig is not even showing in public search mode. I have checked from page1 to page23 and still couldn’t find my gig. What can be the issue? And what should I do now? My impressions and clicks have also dropped drastically, which have translated into low volume of orders.

Any kind of help or suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you.


same mine disappeared after I changed picture

You could check the automated thing at the helpdesk where you start creating a ticket (but don’t actually create one) and select “I can’t find my gig in the search results” (or something like that). It will then tell you if the gig is in the search index.

It might just be gig rotation, and since there are so many services, probably more than 22 or 23 pages of them but it stops showing them after so many pages (it doesn’t even let me see page 22 even though there’s options for up to page 25), it probably omits pages of gigs. I’d say it’s a bug really if it’s not letting people see >= around page 22 even though it fives options to see them.

It might also have been because of a recent edit to the gig that hasn’t been approved yet maybe.

Thank you for your response. I did changed my prices on each package I offer. Other than that nothing was changed. Moreover, I have some orders in queue. Can that be an issue?

  • Should I change my tags? (they had previously helped my gig to rank on 1st page)


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It’s up to you. Changing tags may help but it will remove it from the search engine for a while while it’s checked by Fiverr. It may increase rank or it might make it worse. If it’s around the last page it might be worth doing anyway. But you could check the helpdesk thing I suggested to see if you gig is actually in the search index (maybe it might be waiting to be approved and will be approved soon).