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My gig wont come up in search anymore

Hi there everyone. I have recently started using fiverr and I have only two gigs. Both work getting just the right amount of views up until now but recently one ( has completely disappeared from the search from the past whole week and the other one which was on the first page has moved down to third. I have tried changing keywords, putting keywords in description and everything. Nothing works. My sales were just starting to pickup and this happened. I am worried. Please Help!!


Every time you edit your gig it’ll disappear from the search for a day or so.

Do your edits as you need to and then just let them sit for a while to see what effect your changes have had.

Constantly changing your gigs’ details without evaluating the effect you’ve had is pretty much change for change’s sake. :wink:

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@fariazishan you should be patient , and don’t edit again and again becuase its effected on your gig’s , i think you should edit once time , don’t be upset be patient

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Try taking a course with Fiverr Learn. They’re supposed to increase gig visibility and exposure. If it doesn’t work, ask for money back.

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