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My gig won't leave the "Drafts"area. What am I doing wrong?


Hello! I just started using Fiverr and wanted to set up a gig and get started! However, everytime I try to set it up my gig is just sitting in Drafts and not moving on to Pending Approval. I don’t know what I’m doing or why it isn’t working. Can anyone offer any advice as for why this might be happening?


goto edit your gig option then click on publish which is after galery opt then click publish gig. I hop it will solved your problem. Thanks to being with us.


I’ve clicked on Publish multiple times and nothing happens.


in that case 1 things can solve your problem. Delete your gig (problem one) them creat a new one. this time you can follow our gigs rules. Change your gig makeing process. Thank you.


Please Turn Off Add block and other extensions
may be it will help for you.
have a nice day


I tried deleting it and starting from scratch and it still didn’t do anything. I’m pretty sure I’m not breaking any gig rules. I don’t know how to change my gig making process since, I’m just going through the step by step process that fiverr leads me through. Thanks for trying anyway though.


I tried, but it didn’t make a difference. Thanks anyway though.