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My Gig yanked off fiverr search enginee at the attainment of level 1


In the upwards of two weeks now, my gig has been yanked off fiverr search engine as i no longer get any impression on my gig let alone messages from would-be buyers. I have tried all i can to re-modify my gig but all to no avail. I am lost as to what to do and at the brink of quitting. can anyone help with useful information. I have 100% positive rating at the moment and don’t know what else to do.


Fiverr makes no guarantee that ANY gigs will be displayed in the search. The only place all gigs will definitely display is on a seller’s profile page.

There is no reason to assume anything is wrong. Sales go up and down for every seller; many go months without orders or messages. There is no reason to assume that you will make consistent sales here at all. New sellers get a boost by being ‘featured’ on the site. You are not being punished for reaching level 1, you just aren’t getting that push any more.

If you are getting zero impressions, it’s possible that there is a problem with the stat reporting or similar. Contact Customer Support and ask them about it.


I would contact customer support with just a polite message to ask them what has changed or if there is any glitch in your account.

Also, as a side note, change the word “cos” to “because” in your profile, “cos” is unprofessional sounding.

Another thing, take out the “A”…from “A good content needs a good cover” it’s "Good content needs a good cover"

Looks like you do good work, so I would wait it out a bit like itsyourthing suggested and then if nothing seems to happen in a few more days, contact customer support.


The other thing is that we do hear alot about how orders sometimes slow down when someone reaches a new level. Up until now you were being featured in the “new” section, but now you are not, so you are competing with totally different gigs now. Have you looked at the top sellers in your field and see what they are doing with their gigs, what kind of photos, what kind of vidoes they have>


I searched " EYECATCHING book cover" and there you were. First up.

I searched “sales provoking” and there you were. First up. Not so good when I included "Kindle"

The situation has nothing to do with your Level in a general search. It has everything to do with rotation, I believe

Also, it might not be a good idea to constantly change your Gigs. It appears to the file servers an a new file and might not be updated in the search immediately. WAG.