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My gig - Yay or Nay?

Hi guys, I am new on fiverr and launched my first gig earlier this week.Could you please check it out and provide me with some constructive criticism.
Also, I put up a sale for my first five orders. Is this a good idea?

The gig looks good. The special offer could be changed a bit. eg. it says “My first 5 Orders get 50% of the Silver Package”. I’m not sure if it should say “50% off” instead. Also you could ask them to contact you to get that special offer. Though I don’t think we can send offers for amounts that aren’t whole numbers of dollars (such as $7.50).

Hi uk1000, thank you for the advice.

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In your description, I would correct the following errors:

I will provide you with. - change to I will provide you with: ( : instead of . ) Same goes for The Packages includes:

Add hyphen to “Eye catching”: “Eye-catching”.

You put in a space before . on the same line. The whole line should read “Eye-catching resume which fits the specific need of your industry.”

Last line is missing a space between “Resume,” and “Cover Letter”.

That’s the grammar out of the way.

Except for that, the gig looks good. I would focus on getting a professional gig video produced and voiced next. Video converts, and can be your best business card here on Fiverr. Get a professional animated video with a great script, and work with a professional VO to voice the whole thing to perfection.

Keep up the good work :smiley:

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