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My gigs and username don't come up in search

I’ve joined Fiverr a few weeks ago…made 2 gigs, verified my phone number and completed one of the tests.

Still my gigs do not appear in the search - or my username.

I checked the status of my gigs and they are not pending approval, appear to be live. I can access them through my control panel on Fiverr.

Any ideas to fix this? Thanks.

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Fiverr does not guarantee that gigs will show up in search results, or that you will even get orders through the Fiverr system. There is no “fix” to this. If you need more customers, take some time to market and promote your services to the target customers who need what you have to offer.

Thanks for the fast reply. I did not realise that it was selective who appeared in the search results. I am guessing you need some non-Fiverr traffic to come to your Fiverr gig and in turn promote Fiverr to a new user.

Not sure about your gig, but your user name is missing from search. Contact support and notify them about your issue, they might do a fix for you.


Search results are based upon gig performance. The performance stats apply to everyone equally. There is no specific selection as to who is allowed to “appear in the search results”.

I see quite a few gigs in my category that have zero feedback. Same position I am in. So how has their gig performance with zero feedback created ‘gig performance’ to enable them to be found in the search?

Thanks wp_kid. Well it appears my gigs are ‘pending approval’. That is info I get when I go to contact support. On my actual fiverr control panel it shows ACTIVE.


For gigs, you need to wait for the approval. For the user name, there might be some issue. Fiverr Support may look on it.

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I’ve messaged support WP_KID and will see what they say, thank you for your efforts.

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I have been able to find your profile and gigs by searching using Fiverr/mrdatingcoach in the main Fiverr URL bar above.

You have 2 gigs which are available to be bought and I have also found them using a search engine with your Fiverr/username.

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