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My Gigs Animated PNG files are not moving

Hi everyone. I am Helal with skills of Graphics Design and Adobe Photoshop. Recently I had created a photoshop gig with 3 animated PNG FILES. When I uploaded the files it was okay until the publishing process. It was then showing the animation. But after pushing the publish button, when I checked my own gig, it was not showing the animation movement…

Here is the gig Link:

Please let me know if you find a suitable solution for this, and I would also recommend to take a look in my gig and point out the errors if I had done any.

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Maybe Fiverr converts them to just the first .png image in the png animation (apng format?).
Maybe this is either because Fiverr doesn’t support animated pngs for display, which may or may not be intentional (they may not want animated pngs to be used for gig images. As far as Know, they don’t want them used for profile pics). Not all browsers support animated pngs (and show the animation) even if Fiverr supported them for Fiverr gig images.

You could create a gig info video instead.

For the gig in general - maybe don’t put “unlimted” for the amount of images. eg. what if someone sent thousands of images to alter eg. >200,000 (eg. to remove the background of those images) or over a million?

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But what to do? There is only option for upto 10 images then unlimited option to select. for that I can’t charge my client like just for 10 images I will Charge $100!!!

It’s not good if those are the only options. Maybe have the Premium be up to 10 images, then you could have up to 5 for the standard, and in the gig description you could say “for more than 10 images ask for a custom offer”, then you could give a price based on the number of images and work required as well as give a no. of days delivery based on those things.

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Thank you so much. Your suggestion is great.