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My Gigs Appearing in Searhing But Not Ranking

I have active gigs and I have one of them has 244 reviews on this gig. I am sharing my gig daily basis on social media, creating backlinks, linking to my blog, getting new orders from my existing customers.

If you can see my gig state, In the last 30 days, I got 12 orders but 90% are from existing customers. I don’t know why my gig is not ranking. I have searched my tag " QuickBooks Online" My gig is on the 21 pages. It is there before got these 12 orders. I don’t know what is an issue with my gig. One more thing, that I feel that my all gigs are on the same page that is 21 one. I think this is not happening.

One More thing I see that. One gig has 12 orders in the last 30 days from existing customers and One has just 3. How both will be in the same page. I am sure that is something not ok.

I have searched all the ways like updating meta descriptions, tags, and even images.

I am looking for help to get rank

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Optimize your gig
Use SEO techniques
for example, use unique title

I have tried every way but didn’t work.