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My gigs are about to die!

My Gigs are not getting impressions clicks and views, how to get them please help !

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Do gig marketing @daniyalali582

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kindly elaborate and tell the ways how to do that ?

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What Marketing will be good enough to increase it? @qbo_xero_pro

you can share your gig in social media, hope it will work @daniyalali582 @badhon290

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@qbo_xero_pro i try this and before i think it’s great…but now i don’t get any impression after do this daily…any other way do you know?

You have to be patient, if your gig not performing well for a long period of time it.s better to delete or edit your gig and focus on gig seo @badhon290

@qbo_xero_pro brother my gig in the first page…before it was the first page first one :frowning:

It can happen for many reason , you can find various reason behind that, you can find in the forum @badhon290

ok thanks @qbo_xero_pro

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