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My Gigs are active but not reflecting

My gigs are not reflecting i have 6 gigs but only one is reflecting.
What should i do to rank up my other gigs?

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other gigs; - does not reflect the gig. Notify of customer support.
Then it will be corrected.
Before that, check your gig carefully
There is some mistake

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What exactly are you trying to reflect? Are you trying to sell mirrors? Bright shiny reflective surfaces?


i’m new kindly help me how i can promote gigs


You have just joined Fiverr. spend your time on this forum as much as you can and observe what other experienced sellers are doing. You will learn what to do and how to get a return.

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If you mean your gigs are not showing; it is because you just joined Fiverr a short time ago. It takes a bit of time for your gigs to show in the search.

Maybe someone else can speak to this, but I am not sure driving traffic gigs are allowed.

Guys…m very much confused , my 4 gigs have been deleted by the review system.I have received a notification regarding infridgmnt and violation of terms.
What would be the reason for this .
I have not not copied any content or images.
I dont know what their review system actualy does.
Plz help me…what should i do?how can i improve or modify those Gigs?

Please check out my Gig. help me out in modifying this gig… because m not getting any impression …for this

As I said I think your gigs were against ToS