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My gigs are again hard to find after two great weeks

I have no idea why fiverr has decided to again make my gigs hard to find. I’ve had two great weeks and thought the situation was over where my gigs didn’t get impressions.

My gigs did well for the past two weeks and got some decent exposure but that has come to an end as of today. It’s quite a difference to go from doing so well to nothing so I checked to see where my gigs appear, and they don’t. At least they aren’t in the same positions I’ve been in for two weeks. I’ve been getting great reviews, delivering fast, no problems so why have they gone again?

It was like it was in the past and now it’s back to being banished from where anyone can find my gigs.

It seemed like my gigs were in good positions due to their merits again, then were removed from those positions for no reason. I would love to know why my gigs which do so well are all taken to spots where no one sees them.

When my gigs are visible I earn as much as Pro sellers with them.


Wow…Miss Crystal my situation is almost identical. I still have some gigs in my queue, but I have not gotten any messages from new buyers in three days.

Prior, things seem to turn around and I was getting messages from new buyers daily on a regular basis. The last 3 days nothing.

I’m not sure if I want to make any changes but leave things as they are and maybe Fiverr will eventually cycle back to me. But like you, I was delivering my gigs as fast as I could, all 5 star ratings and was on a roll. Sadly that roll seems to of come to a stop – at least for now.


I am facing the same problem.

My gigs were doing quite good for a month or so.

Then suddenly it drop after cancellation of an order by CS (upon my request as the buyer demanded for extra work).

It was all good again two days back, but since yesterday once again my gigs are hard to be found in the category.

I don’t know what is happening, may be some update or similar thing.


I am having the same experience my main Gig has been removed to where it cannot be seen for no specific reason.


Well, you are still doing better than me. I had no messages or orders for most of this week. Then suddenly this evening I get three messages and an order all at once like something had just changed and yes, something did change. At exactly the same time my notifications reverted to week old notifications and after searching for the gigs being ordered/inquired about, I found all back in their almost old search positions.

More curiously, this week has seen both my delivered on time and response rate go up and down randomly. Now both are sinking but this doesn’t make any sense as I have had no messages or orders which I could have delivered late if I’d wanted to.

Anyway, I’ve given up. I can’t work every day to try and appease Fiverr when every day it just throws a new spanner at me for the trouble. No more tweaking, no more updating gigs EVER. Now I’m just going to classify Fiverr income as beer money like it used to be.

EDIT: Things just got even more curious. I received an order a couple of hours ago and now just received another one (this instant) but the countdown clock says that it has already been counting down for 2 hours. This means that someone placed an order and filled in all the details for it to go live 2-hours ago but for some reason it only now appeared on my dashboard.


Your one of the finest on this forum; don’t get discouraged. I had the same issue with my response rate dipping down despite being very prompt in all my communications. Contacted CS and they fixed it for me.

Not sure what they’re doing, but my feeling is that they’re about to settle things down.


@kayanwriting Thank you so much! :blush:

No orders no messages for me all day, after two weeks of orders like the old days where I stayed busy.

Am I on a limit of how much I can earn in a month?

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There are no limit @misscrystal
I think you should try new gig details or you can start marketing

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Yes, I know it sounds silly but I did notice something with the revert to old notifications and my sudden influx of orders and messages. I now have my third order! It really does feel like someone has flicked a switch of sorts. Sorry, though, if by flipping mine on, they have had to flip yours off.

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ITT: People claim their gigs are doing well with nothing to compare against.

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They do flip a switch of some kind to turn orders on and off. I’ve had that demonstrated to me in the beginning days of my career here and it was definite. What gives me hope is that they do still have the ability to do this.

Maybe they soon will realize that fiverr makes more revenue, if that is what they are after, with that switch turned on and not off.

Once again the little man who rarely gets a review or sale–and has copied parts of his gig from mine-- is back in the number one position in my category.

How does an eastern “swami” have a coven?

Yeah, the whole thing has become random. Really hard for those of us for whom Fiverr is the main job.


Its almost a month here. Still waiting for a message from a buyer/buyers.
I think this situation applies to many sellers. Lets just hope for the best.

Its the time period some time its goes up sometime it goes down, Fiverr is mostly giving chance to new Users so it will be normal again :slight_smile:

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