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My gigs are always declined/deleted while others offering the same services

Hi Fiverr Community,
I’ve to approach you after lots of distractions.

I’m offering Premium SEO Tools service on Fiverr in $5
such as SEMRush, Moz, Ahrefs and Majestic but whenever
I create the gigs; they are removed or declined by the Support
while lots of orders are in process. My account has also been
banned in the past while others are offering the same services
and getting tons of orders.

P.S: I’m not plagiarizng the content of my title and desription;
also putting unique pictures on my gigs.

Please let me now what would be the reason.

Thanks in advance !

They would provide you with a reason as to why the gigs are declined. Work from there. You are obviously breaking the Terms of Service. It doesn’t matter that others are doing it, you need to do the right thing. If still in doubt, contact Customer Support.

Hi mumtaz, I have gone through your profile, the only problem I saw is your about yourself. I saw that you are presenting your self as a content writer and offering gig of seo tools. That a big mistakes , that you are doing. See fiverr check each aspects. so kindly improve that, and still if it happen consult fiverr support and asked to them they 'll give you exact reason.