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My gigs are automatically removed from Fiverr search after some days, Please help me

Hello sir,
My gig not found in the search.

I provide two categories service web design and data entry. I have web design and data entry skills. I see on the Fiverr forum that I can provide two categories of services at the same time from an account. That’s why I create two categories gig but my Programming & Tech > WordPress categories Gig not found in the search result.

My two categories were active the last few days but today I see my Programming & Tech > WordPress category gig not found in the search result. Now, what can I do?

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Fiverr is moving some categories around. Did that category get moved or renamed?

Are the there any flags on your gigs to indicate that Fiverr is not happy with them for some reason - breaking TOS?

Are they not there because you edited the gig, making it go into an approval mode?

Are they there but just at the bottom of the sort pile?


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Sometimes it happens because of gig rotation. If you’re facing this issue without for any reason mentioned by @benedictrm, your gig will come to search once again after some time. It maybe a week, month…etc

:bulb: TIP - Don’t try to change your gig; keep it as it is; be patient; focus on brining another service you can bring into Fiverr.

Please tell me one thing can I work in two categories at the same time?

I am not facing any issue. I see the last day my gigs was active but today I see my gigs is not found on search result.

I have no idea. Maybe someone else knows, or even if it matters.


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