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My gigs are Awsome


Hi all,
I am here on fiverr since 2 weeks, still no order.
When i posted about it, people suggested me to make my gigs better. I did whatever other users suggested.
Now my gig impressions, views and clicks are increasing day by day, but still no order.



Please have a patience , Send offer to the only project which you are most skilled at. Set tags in gigs according to your skills and gig title, Put correct and concise description in gig .

You will get orders :slight_smile:


You’re competing with a lot of people in your categories. (Also I think you mean ‘eye-catching’), so you need more gigs, you need something truly eye-catching in your eye-catching gig and/or you need more patience.

The advice you received is not a guarantee of orders.


@capitalquality Sir thanks for your humble feedback. :slight_smile:


@hassaanahmad7 She’s a female, calling a lady sir causes eye rolls!


try to send 10/10 offers daily hope you will start getting orders…


@nikavoice LOL i didn’t know that. :slight_smile:


@mrashid1316 Ty for your kind advice.