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My gigs are being stolen!

Hi guys - I set up my profile in February and have really started to gain traction with my gigs.

I recently decided to search for myself on Fiverr and I was shocked to come across 20+ profiles copying my exact profile (or extremely close to) as well as my gig descriptions and packages as well as some of them using the same photos.

I’ve messaged them individually informing them that I have reported them all to Fiverr as fraudulent breaches of Terms of Service but none of them have been removed.

One guy also told me I ruined his life by reporting him… lol?

Anyone have any ideas of how I can get these gigs removed? Fiverr support are yet to respond.



That is genuinely a serious issue. The only hope here is Fiverr Customer Support Team. They will let you know what to do in order to get those removed.

Hi and welcome to the forum! Support currently seems to need up to 10 days to respond due to Covid, many new users, whatever, unless you have a level with faster support as a perk.
If you already opened a ticket, you can’t do much more than have patience, alternatively, you could also directly flag the gigs in question; I have no idea whether those flags are dealt with faster than tickets, though.


I’m sorry to hear that is happening to you. Fiverr will take a while to get back to you. On average it takes around 3-5 days for them to respond to me, but it may differ for you.

Anyway, keep an eye on them. Fiverr will ban their gigs if Fiverr sees them stealing content. They will probably be banned. I had a similar situation here over 5 years ago. I have a forum posting gig, and I work with a lot of other forum posters. So, I caught this guy copying my content word for word, not even changing it or anything. What this guy would do is, he would copy my posts from another forum, and post them on another forum they’re working on. This is how I caught the person. I told Fiverr and they removed the guys gig.

Funnily enough, I caught the guy posting in a topic about users losing their gigs/seller status, and he comes in saying he didn’t know why lol. I ended up responding to that post, but he never replied. :smiley:

I actually caught another seller recently copying my posts, as we were both working the same forums. It’s easy to catch when they copy/paste and change nothing. I was able to talk to the guy and told him to cut it out, otherwise I’d report him to fiverr. I told him he can take ideas from my topics, but he can’t outright copy/paste. He’d have to make the posts his own, in his own words. I’m cool with that. Just don’t copy my work, that’s all.

Anyway, sorry for posting this wall of text. Keep reporting the profiles as you see them. They will eventually be taken down. Here’s hoping fiverr moves fast here.

I’m not 100% sure, but could this come under false traffic?

I’ve also came accross with this exact issue lately. About 5-6 fiverr sellers took my best selling gig’s image and used it in their gigs! I reported them one by one and after about 48 hours I received a message from customer support informing me that those users have been banned from the platform. That’s right, not onlly they removed their specific gigs but they banned them from fiverr as well. Well, they shouldn’t have stolen my image!

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I don’t provide traffic to the forums myself, that is on the forum owner to do. All I do is provide content for said forums, nothing more.

Yeah, if the gigs are caught using other peoples content, they will likely be outright banned. Which is good, because I think Fiverr takes copyright very seriously.

You may want to consider watermarking the images at least so that none will likely use it.

But I can imagine some guys would still do.:slight_smile:

Yea that’s spam. Even if it isn’t promotional it entails masquerading as a legitimate comment when it is actually commissioned. So unethical either way.

I guarantee this person is just spamming links, though.

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