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My gigs are dead

Hi guys.
I have a very big issue. for the last 3 months my gigs kept going down and now they are all completely dead i mean they do not show up in search, tried using all the tricks i know on ranking but nothing works. contacted support but they did not provide any useful help as usual.

I will really appreciate your ideas on how i can bring my gigs back to life.

You have had a few reviews in the past few days so how is it possible your gigs are dead?


Gigs are never really “dead” unless you deactivate them so that they don’t show up to the public. They are actively listed on your Fiverr profile, so that don’t seem “dead” to me. Have you tried marketing and promoting your gigs to bring in your own traffic? Are you reaching out to your target customers, showing them how you can assist them, and encouraging them to hire you?

It is unwise to expect the Fiverr search results to be your only source of sales.

Customer Support has a policy against manipulating the search results to favor any seller. The search algorithm determines search placement. CS takes a hands-off approach to that. So, as much as you may not want to hear this, they were right not to help return your gigs to where you want them to be in the search system. That’s not something they can do.

Your best bet is likely to start marketing and promoting your gigs. Have you taken the time to respond to buyer requests? Do you have a website or blog where you can post about the value of you services? Do you know any social influencers who may have interest in what you do?


Those are orders from repeated buyers.

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You don’t like repeat buyers? :thinking:

For most businesses, repeat buyers are the holy grail of commerce. Almost every business WANTS them more than anything. Repeat buyers know what you offer, they trust you, and they keep coming back for more. They are what keeps your business active.

It’s nice to have new customers, however, like I said in my previous comment… what are you doing to earn those new customers? Are you reaching out to them? Are you working to build a relationship with them and turn them into potential repeat buyer as well?