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My gigs are denied again

I purchased goanimate resell rights and have their permission to sell videos using their program here and yet my gigs are denied again. I saw many other sellers here which I believe do not buy the license and yet they are selling strong here. Fiverr this is not fair!!!

Did you write to Fiverr customer support and include a copy of your contract with resale rights?

This is GoAnimate way to scam people.

They hide the license transfer fee in the pricing and once your Gig is up and running they file the claim themselves asking you to pay for each video separately.

GoAnimate is quite an unethical company in that regard. You basically end up losing the monthly fee along with all the work that you do for last several month.

Hey friend!

How many times your gigs are denied? Did you contact Fiverr customer support? :)] They will help you to solve this problem. This is not a issue of Fiverr. They are always fair to each and everyone here in the same way my friend. :)>-
Thanks! :-h

Reply to @bhawnavideopro: Really? Wow… I’ve always admired GoAnimate’s platform actually, I didn’t know they work that way…

Reply to @bhawnavideopro:
I wonder what your definition of “scam” is. Read thoroughly about the company’s license terms, e.g. (Note to sheriff: this external link is a useful resource for understanding licenses, without any purpose of promotion or external contact), before you say any company is a scam. Instead, Fiverr sellers using GoAnimate platform or VideoHive templates without proper licenses are scammers. So happy to see the third parties are taking actions.

Reply to @organicguide: This is an old thread - and the OP has since got his gigs reinstated.

Reply to @bhawnavideopro: Their policies are as clear as day. If you’re not purchasing their licenses, you’re not allowed to sell their videos to third-parties.