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My Gigs are disappeared from search

I provide Wordpress Website Development Service on Fiverr. Currently, I am a Level 2 Seller. It was started very well for me, I was getting 5-15 orders in a month. In July 2019 I made it to level 2. Things were normal until January 2020. Since then I am not getting any views or click what so ever. Don’t Know what happened my response rate is 100%, My Order Completion rate is 100% even I never got less than a 5-star review.
I don’t know what’s going on.

please share your valuable feedback on the above issue.

The ratings have been up and down lately for many other sellers as well. It can be due to covid-19. It is causing alot of traffic at the moment but fiverr community is trying to recover this issue dont worry

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My Rating is always 5* i never got less than 5 star. All my gigs are completely removed from the search. I am facing this issue since December.

That’s disappointing but I think fiverr is giving chance to other gigs too so you should keep your best work going on still and due to the huge traffic on here, many old experienced and level 2 sellers have been facing the same problem as this one. Personally I think that quarantining has brought a huge amount of people over here.

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Is the effect of reduced views and impressions a result of COVID-19 or a result of Fiverr allowing all users a fair chance to showcase their gigs ?

That was just a guess I’m not sure about it. Both could be possible, no one knows until now

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