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My Gigs are Down, No order for almost last 6 Months

Hi Fiverr,
I am here seeing a difficult time. My profile was running fine and I was getting orders from clients few months back. My Gigs are good and I got orders almost on all gigs.
My profile rating is good.

My response rate is 100%
Delivery on time is 100%
Order completion rate is 100%

My profile stats are fine. But I don’t know why my profile is down and not getting any orders.
Is there any change in Fiverr which effected my profile ??

Have anyone of you experienced the same problem ??

I would like if anyone can help me in this to get my profile back on track.

I am a PHP web developer with an experience of more than 2 years. I can develop any type of website. My services are:

  • Web Programming in PHP

  • Wordpress Plugins Development

  • API integration

  • JSON Data processing with API

  • Bug finding and fixing

If you need any of these services I can help you with this.

I thank you in advance if you read this and can share your experience and pro tips to get my profile back on track.


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All of what you have said sounds very strange. Have you been active online (meaning keeping Fiverr open in browser so people see that you are online)?

Honestly, this is scary to think that you can reach level one and then nothing.

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I see you have some great reviews, but have a few suggestions.

  1. Create videos for your gigs, my gigs with videos get more inquiries than when they only had gig images.

  2. Correct the spelling and grammar in your gig descriptions and profile description.

  3. Create an FAQ for each of your gigs.

I went through your profile description and your best selling gig. Here they are with corrections made. Also, remove the space in “Development is my passion!” on your profile.

I am Hafiz Ameer Hamza. I am a web developer & have good skills in web development. I love my profession. My skills include HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery, JavaScript. I design responsive websites for all devices. If you are looking for quality and professional work, please contact me. Thanks.

***************Please message before order ************************

Are you facing any layout issue or difficulty in programming? Don’t worry, leave it to me. I will fix HTML, CSS, jquery, PHP, javascript, and bootstrap. I will also explain the issue I found.

I will fix one HTML,CSS, or jquery issue.

I also help in:

  • Web Designing
  • Creating and hosting a complete website.

You’re in the right place, send a message now to discuss your order.


Hello Fiverr
Same problem in my GIG .
How can I fix It.
Help Plea…

Please create your own topic in the Improve My Gig section instead of commenting on someone else’s post for help.


Some personal opinions:

  1. Try to modify your gigs once every month.
  2. Promote your gigs daily.
  3. Try to be active as much as possible.
  4. Try to use some unique keywords in your gig description.

Follow these for one month. Hope you will get a lot of orders.

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Yes, I try to stay online most of the time whenever I have internet access. I do this every day.

Hi ducktheunicorn,
Thanks for your suggestions and corrections you want me to do. I will go with the points you mentioned. I hope this will help me to get a profile in rank. I will definitely inform you when I will do these modifications.


I will follow your points.