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My Gig's are falling DOWN badly


Re-Post :

Hello Guys,
How are you all?
I don’t know why but I just don’t get orders like I got in past months. It drops a lot. And my Gigs rankings are also falling down. I don’t know why this happening. I sent the buyer request every day, marketing my gigs and so on. But I don’t get orders. Can anyone of you please go to my gigs and check them. Is there wrong anything…?

Here my gig links…


Someone is using your current detail , tags and thumbnail of your gig.


Can you please give me the link…? I mean who…>?


I just know that someone is using but don’t know who he/she is?
You have to check out about it


HOW can I find it?
I don’t know about it.


you have to search your all tags or Title
and see there if anyone is using


Do you know this for sure somehow?


If She is not getting Orders at all then i’m sure


But do you have proof of what you’re saying or are you assuming something which may not actually be the case?

Sales of gigs etc. reduce for lots of reasons, not simply because somebody else might be copying them - it’s one possible solution, but not the first that would spring to mind.:slightly_smiling_face:


If you don’t actually know suggest you say that perhaps someone is using your details as quoted above.