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My gigs are going down and down


Hi, i want urgent help for my gigs, 1 week ago my gigs were ranked on the first page, but now i don’t know why my gigs are going down, my main gig is “html, css” which is now visible at 6th or 7th page, please help me


Hello Fiverr Works On Their Algorithm !!Nothing is done personally.

Work On your Gig Promote it on social media and you may get some views and clicka which will again life your gig up.Hope You get some help from this .

Thank you


You should always stay in line and navigate in fiverr.
Stay active in the power and in the community and your gigs will go up.


That’s one of the best ways to upload your gigs.
I did it and it works for me, try to stay active.



What do you mean by upload your gigs ?


Impressions, if you see that you are active on the page, your impressions level will increase.


Share your gig on all social media for getting traffic.




Post your GIG on social media and work regullary on fiverr Forum.