My gigs are having low impressions and clicks


My gigs are having low impressions and clicks for the past 5 weeks. I do not see any work. I am afraid.Nobody has contacted me for the past 5-6 weeks now. No job, no work, no sales. What could have caused it please?


Hello , Please Send 10 buyer request Everyday and Share your gig links on Google+ and facebook groups.

Sharing Links can make goods Clicks and impression on your gig activity. you can try Email marketing! it’s Works.



Thanks so much. I will try that. Actually, most of the buyer requests are sometimes ridiculous.


You can Remove Thats type of buyer Request, and then see you can get the original buyer posts in First.
Don’t response seller request , just remove.

and when i visit your profile there are no Country Details. Why? It’s important.

and you are second level Seller, You definitely get 1-2 orders in weeks, may be it’s for your 1-2 bad Reviews or may be not.

if you are really Worried , please contact With CS and Know them about your this problem. they must help you .



very important information


i agree with you. but try to active in online as your best time. send buyer request (which your match). Post your gig in forum and social media. and keep following other important pages or profile in social media.


please read my recent post and try to understand


summer time BABBBBy :smiley: