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My gigs are hijacked! By some blackhat this how!

I just hijacked, seems like the hijacker know the bugs in fiverr’s scripts or something…

My two best gigs are copied with same title, description and tags. I’m wondering why fiverr can’t moderate before publish yet because the same duplicate thread gigs? I think if one gig will be denied to be approved, but more than one gigs may cause the systems confuse. But it’s just my theory.

The results? My username and my thread gigs gone also on fiverr search and replace by the hijacker username also with the gigs are duplicated. Every tags search also replace with the hijacker tags on fiverr search.

So, totally I’m erased on fiverr search. I already checked to rating, random search, all my gigs replaced by him. Just type my username, you will find no result on fiverr search. I think stupid, I have about 18 gigs live but no results for my username???

I already contact the support but seems they confuse and don’t know what to do. Please, change your systems before more hijackers attack again and kill others gig sellers income.

I don’t know if that means you were hacked or hijacked. Maybe someone just copied your gigs to their own account and they are in the search, but for some reason, your account is not.

I suggest contacting Fiverr support immediately.


Yeah, this is a problem, but you didn’t address the biggest issue of all…did he touch your revenue? Is your Revenue gone or still there?

I think its just a bot or software that automatically copied your gig info. Nevertheless support should be able to help you resolve this.

yup i searched your username and got no results, contact support immediately.

I already contact the support but seems they confuse and don’t know what to do.

Reply to @sirtiman: Thats really very strange.

What is a blackhat technique for those of us not familiar so we know what to look out for

Reply to @sirtiman: any updates?

Looks like you are right. Search keyword testi and you will find what appears to be a cloned (almost) gig.

Reply to @beatcraigslist: my revenue still there, but I’m no hurry to withdraw it.

Reply to @tn5rr2012:

A blackhat technique is any kind of ilegal way to earn money or earn hits online. It could be soemthing as simple as posting keywords unrelated to your products and hiding them in your website by using the same color font as the background. Or things like hotlinking and stealing information or images for profit. All that is know as blackhat. While whitehat is going by the book with all internet rules.

Have you heard anything back from support?

Reply to @sirtiman: If you think your account got hacked i would suggest withdrawing it

startselect said: A blackhat technique is any kind of ilegal way to earn money or earn hits online
Oh hahahaha what a hoot that is very ironic too me. There is a website that will go un-named that revolves around the black hat. They blocked my ISP earlier this year because they thought I was spamming the site (which technically I was but didn't really know it at the time). So they operate illegally through the internet but judged me on my so called marketing techniques, now that is ironic

I would take out the money ASAP! After it’s gone, it’s too late to get it back.

Reply to @tn5rr2012: You will find that most hackers are very sensitive to hacking or Spamming. It’s like crooks and gangbangers. They don’t consider themselves to be crooked or bad in any way. They always have some rationalization that gives them the higher ground. Something like “Society owes us” or “That website is just to big and needs to be taken down”

And this is why I’m weary of people putting a positive spin on the term ‘hacking’. Anyone who adds ‘hacker’ to their fiverr seller account name is suspect, in my opinion.

Reply to @multygraphics:

…and my gig orders are lack because my username are can’t find on Search.

Reply to @sirtiman: i dont think that thats hack or hijacked.

because : if you have a gig called I will hold a paper with your name for $5

it doesn’t mean that i can NOT do the same gig.

Blackhat techniques aren’t always illegal, per se. For example, writing in the same font as the background isn’t illegal; it’s gaming the search engines to rank well. Eventually they get caught out and find themselves lower in the results or blacklisted from the search engines. Keyword stuffing is a black hat technique that a lot of content writers and those using article marketing are guilty of - at one time, websites like content mills suggested writers to stuff articles with keywords to rank highly and gain more money (so the sites would also gain money).