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My gigs are hijacked! By some blackhat this how!

tn5rr2012 said: What is a blackhat technique for those of us not familiar so we know what to look out for

A method of hacking.

Reply to @beatcraigslist: Very good definition. Much more thorough than mine!

Black Hat techniques is such a broad term these days. In plain English it means doing anything that is against the rules. Hacking, spamming, cheating, getting around rules, hidden characters in posts or ads, etc. Anything that thwarts or circumvents the given system to give you an advantage over everybody else. This is why in most cases it is either illegal or against most TOS. This is why most search engines dislike sites that do this because it fools their search results to do something it normally would not.

It is a shame people would rip off someone else. There are so many ways to make this site useful without that…

Reply to @lparziale: Hacking is still alive and well, unfortunately.

After reading this, I decided to check to see if anyone has copied my most popular gig again, and lord behold, two people created the same exact gig 2-3 days ago. Both of them stole my content, and one even stole my image and tried covering it up with a banner. I’m so sick of this. I just contacted customer support. I hope for a swift resolution.

Reply to @arnevb:

Please fiverr support…do something.

I search my name and find out few ppls use my user name on disc :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope your problem will fixed soon

Reply to @cybercube: Still longing to exists again, but how long?

Guys, I don’t think this guy actually had his account hacked… Someone has just copied and pasted his GIG information into their own one. I can’t explain why his username is not coming up, but this just seems like another simple copy+paster trying to make some quick sales.

Reply to @rossonomous: I didn’t say hacked either. Just the hijacker knows the weakness of the fiverr scripts so if just copy all from title, desc to tags. The first gig will be gone and replaced with his new gig.

Reply to @rossonomous: I wish someone would clarify what Fiverr says about these copy gigs. I don’t understand how some of you feel no one else has a right to create the same even “exact” gig you have.

If fiverr only allow you “any one person” to have a gig I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t be growing as they are. I’ve looked at your gigs and what you are doing, it’s not something that you can copyright or even trademark outside of fiverr so maybe I’m missing something when people are on here complaining about their gigs being copied. ijs

Still problem with fiverr search. It’s about 2 years now. Thanks to my loyal buyer still ordering from my gigs.

to say “Black hat technique” shows how uneducated people are.

I have talked about “hats” for a while here on the forums.

There is no “black hat creepy pasta” , grey hats can do the same.

Its very simple in fact for $5 i will show you how to fix this fiverr, give me a call at 1800 - told you so.

This might even be a bug on the system for all we know, fiverr is very quiet about their bugs and problems on their server/services. So dont go all cookie crazy and blame it on us. *wink