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My Gigs are in Draft Mode how to make them ACTIVE?

My Gigs are in Draft Mode how to make them ACTIVE.
i dont have button in my sales/my gigs that make them active when i select them.
Please Help!

Make sure you’ve completed all the required steps and then click on Publish my gig.
Your gig should stay ACTIVE

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There should be two buttons when you check the box next to the gig in My Gigs, one to activate, and the other one to delete.

Can you post a screenshot?

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sure here’s the screenshot

It looks like you don’t have pictures on your gigs yet. Have you tried adding gig pictures and filling in all the required information (a description that is of the proper length, tags, prices, gig requirements…)?

If you do all that and click on the Publish button, and the gigs are still not active, it could be a bug. If that’s the case, you should ask Customer Support for help.

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I did add 1 picture per gig. Should i add more or 1 is enough?
also i added everything i needed because if i dont add something i cannot go further for the gigs creation do i?
i will ask Customer Support for help

from where i can get Customer Support help?
where is this?

1 is enough in regards to submitting your gig to be shown, it´s recommended to make use of all 3 ‘slots’ for pics though, but you don´t have to, I had only 1 pic for my first gig for a while. So you can put up 1 for each gig, and later, when you find time to make/edit more pics, add them. :slight_smile:

Customer Support :

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I submitted support request. Thanks

Fill up all required and save and finished step by step.

my gag have this problem occur i share screen short and my gig button retake test button is not working and also publish gig is also not working please help


You are replying 2 years later. Maybe you didn’t notice.

The moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.

Just create your own topic and you will receive replies that reflect the current situation.

I am having the same issue.did you fix this and publish? Can I know hoe to fix this? thank you

Hello how you fix your problem in creating gig and publishing from graft status
I have the same issue in creating my gigs

How can i slove this?


I have completed my test and passed it but my gig is still not published why

I have the same problem too, did you solve it?

I got the same problem with my gig in fact I have retaked the test twice and i passed it both cases with more than 6 and I see i’m not the only one I’m thinking that the platform management have put this service on hold…