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My gigs are no longer on 1st Page


I used to have my 2-3 gigs on first page but none of those gigs are on 1st page now. I tried changing up things nothing working for me. I am just wondering why my gigs loose their positioning and how to get it back.

Please Help!


You shouldn’t worry about that. Gig position is surely not static it’s changing all the time.
Your gig is getting recommended in many places.
If you are constantly editing your gig you are activating the manual review process each time - which will reduce your gig visibility.


So what do i Need to do? Just stop changing or what? How much should I wait for results?


I see you already have some ratings on your gigs.
If you want you can freshen-up your gigs by hiring a spokesperson or making some appealing featured video yourself.
That will highly boost your conversion.