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My gigs are not appearing on my page as active, yet when I check their status it appears in the active category, please help!


My fiverr page is currently displaying that my I do not have any active gigs yet when I look under “Selling” and select “My Gigs” all of my gigs appear as active. How do I make my active gigs appear as on my page?
Can someone please help! Here is my page


Exactly the same situation for me.


To anyone with this problem: This is the third post I’ve seen today where this was an issue. It does sound like a bug. If so, the forum is fine to make others aware, but no one on the forum can help directly.

Contact Customer Support and send them screen shots to show exactly what is happening. If you get any info from CS, it would be great if you can come back and share it here.


That’s exactly what’s happening in my case too. My vacation mode was active for few months. I just checked today and removed the vacation mode. My gig was shown as paused. I pressed the activate button and it appeared as active in the “my gigs” section. But when viewed on the main page (my profile), gig is still shown as paused or drafted


For anyone who needs to resolve this issue, I contacted customer support and they were able to fix the matter on their end. All my gigs are actively appearing on my page.

To contact customer support I selected “help” in the drop down list. Then I selected “Contact Customer Support” at the top of the page.

Hope that helps anyone else!


Happened to me earlier too, contacted the customer support and shortly after that all my gigs are back to my profile page. Im not sure if they did something or somehow they manage to solve whatever the bug issues was. Hope everyone’s active gigs are back to normal.