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My gigs are not appearing

Hi, I create my account and my 2 gig (in cartoon and comics category) in the end of the last year. Today i was checking, because i dont get many offers. And i noticed my gigs are not appearing in the category… to be sure, I checked all the pages in that category.
And checked my gigs if anything was wrong, but apparently they are ok .
I made some tests using the filter to make sure and yes… my gigs are not appearing.
I tested like checking to only appear the online sellers and opened the cartoon and comics in another browser. Or filtering by “seller speaks portuguese-br”, my native language.
Any possible solution?


This is an issue with level 2 and even top rated sellers. Fiverr algorithm is tossing gigs to pages where we can’t find them. I mean, the “relevance” filter where there are hundreds of pages.

My gig is nowhere in search from 2 months and Fiverr support do not help with an adequate reply or resolution.

Let’s hope for the best.

I’ve made a post regarding gigs not being found in the search and what I did to apparently fix it (though I can’t tell yet if this is just a me-problem) Would be appreciated if you could have a look and let me know what you think.

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Hi, mianwaheed. thanks for the reply, i didnt know this problem was old. the gigs are not appearing even using the filters are bizarre.
But yeah… let hope for the best.

Hi, janali. thanks for the reply and the possible fix i will try.

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This seemed to help. Thanks!