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My Gigs are not found by search box

My Gigs are not found by search box, why? what I should now?

I have 100% positive opinions, my gigs are active.

I started a new gig and again I have the same issue.

Please help me

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I am also facing this problem.

me too :expressionless:

I think because the gigs you are offering aren’t in Fiverr’s editorial focus. They usually do not let those kind of gigs get located easily. :slight_smile:

BEcause things like paid votes are usually against the rules of the contest you are voting on, so that might be a problem.

ok, what is fiverrs editiorial focus and what are paid votes? O.o

Me too facing this issue now :frowning:

me also. my new gig also not showing in search help

As others have said, your gig(s) are not likely to be in line with Fiverr’s editorial focus. Gigs that offer things against 3rd party Terms of Service usually do not show up in search. Eventually, most gigs of this type are denied. I would suggest coming up with a real service that you can do well and that doesn’t violate any rules on this site or others. If you choose to ignore this advice, it is at your own risk. Please don’t use the forums to complain about it further since you have received answers.

This logic you guys stated would be alright, but in a lot of scenarios that’s not the case. It goes into what is called “editorial focus” guidelines often times when a buyer reports your gig and makes false claims in which you as the seller often times don’t get to contest. It also seems if you get too high of a sales volume too it seems to get flagged in certain niche’s, which imo seems rather biased don’t you guys think? Note. These are from personal experience of a gig I know was ok’ed by both Fiverr & the third party(in the one out of two cases where it applied). Also certain keywords(like partial brand names) appear to trigger this as well, even if you’re doing nothing wrong and it’s the only way to accurately display the gig. Even recently CS responded to a gig of mine and the answer was “You can continue directing traffic to this gig but it won’t be listed” but the gig itself was outright denied despite adhering to their TOS and it appears as though they didn’t even read my message or respond to my other inquiry about a cancellation made through their CS team and let me fight my case despite doing nothing wrong.

Just experienced the same problem…

I am confused about title and description. And basically what type of gig I need to create?

Same problem

I’m also not following “editorial focus” guidelines. I’m sure many of you have been told your gigs are not in the editorial focus. But yet you can just as easily find other similar gigs in the search results. It’s no surprise that gigs in the search results are moderated for approval, but I’m not following the double standards by allowing some and not all.

An official response to clarify this distinction would be appreciated.

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For those news fiverrs, like me, who did not find their gigs. When you make a search, the 1st page shown is “High Rating”, just go to the 3rd option “New” on the right , and you will find your gig.


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I am having the same problem with this, and I have +400 5 stars rates on my Gigs.

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No…mine doesn’t and hasn’t showed ANYWHERE for over a week now. This site is a joke.

The whole point of me using fiverr was to be able to get searched by people looking for what I provide. Being as that isn’t a thing here and they expect me to PROMOTE it myself…I’ll go right on ahead and create my own website and sell my services there. Why would I give fiverr a cut at all…for NOTHING!

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My new gigs not showed in search ???

â– â– â– â–  fiverr, same problem