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My gigs are not performing


why are my gigs not performing well for one year now? assistance please


You need a longer profile text.

Also, capitalize the first letter of words that start a sentence.

For example, it would be:
Why are my gigs not performing well for one year now? Assistance please.

I didn’t check more carefully on your gigs but these two things did catch my attention.


Hi Abdilahstud,

Kindly do the following things
1: Describe in detail about yourself in “Description” section of My Profile page.
2: Add your Skills
3: Add your education

You can also look other’s gig to understand the concept in detail.
Let me know if I can help more in this.




It might be time to compare your gig against top sellers and see what is missing. Is it a different tag, a different aspect of your description, your gig title? One year is a long time to stick with Gigs that are not working. It could be your in a crowded category. Research, research, research. You may have to consider a new gig if your fixes do not work. No easy answers I am afraid.


First complete your gig all information and not copy paste from others and put original information on it and add also video information on the gig and try to share your gig on all social medias and promote your gig all others channels


Hello abdilahstud,

Need skill up your Knowledge and need more learn. Learn every time and updates to yourself hope you get Good Things. Thanks



Issue is currently fiverr search is not properly functional. Its not rotating new gigs. Showing same gigs again and again in Relevance filter.

You can also report this to support…


yes emran4 is right. without proper knowledge it is impossible to get order. So first need to learn and knowledge


Having two accounts is a sure way to get them both banned.