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My Gigs Are not Ranking in Their Category


I Was getting a lot of impressions, then I edited my gig a little and it stopped ranking at all. I have a good order completing rate, good response time I don’t know what is wrong ANY HELP???


Editing your gig will remove it from search results for a short period of time.


:::::: your These two gigs are Not Showing in Searches …

::::::::::: you are on Vacation …
::::::::::: you are Showing Offline … :wave:


If you’re on vacation, which you are, your gigs won’t show in the search because nobody can buy them.

@angelofthedark - it’s really kind of you to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Please could you stop with the extra colons : ? It makes your posts a bit difficult to read - thank you! :sunny:


:: Of Course ,… :wink: … Sure !! …


I was actually on a vacation that’s why I turned that on, :joy:


I was on Vacation, BTW Thanks for checking!


how long it takes usually? its been like 5 days already