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My GIGS are not responding

I created 6 gigs on fiverr about my services I got 2 orders in first week and after that I got a message from a user In which he was saying complete my order but I late in replying after that my conversation rate is 33% and my gigs views clicks and other things are not increasing what i can do to maintain my account
Checkout My GIGS :

You can check My Gigs here

I wouldn’t worry too much about your response rate. Buyers can’t actually see that; they can only see your average response time (which shows up as 3 hours, which isn’t bad). Just keep using Buyer’s Requests and advertising your gigs on social media, and you’ll be able to raise your number of orders/reviews.

Your gig descriptions are a bit brief. Sell your services to your customers. Why might they want to remove a background from an image? Why are you better than other sellers? If English is not your first language, it might help to have someone fluent in English review your text, too.

Your profile description needs some full stops and new sentences and the correct spelling is “contact”.