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My gigs are not sell yet.why please tell me

Hi there. I’m Baleksandar.New on Fiverr. My gigs are not sell yet.why please tell me.
I want to improve my gigs to get sales. So please take a look at my gigs and give some Tips or Suggestions to get more sales and to improve my seller level.

I’m waiting for your valuable Suggestions.

Gigs are here:

Uploading a video with an example of your work might help, plus it is not euros, it is dollars.

Thank you very much…magy1808

There is just a big white space where your gig picture should be. It looks strange.
Have you even looked at your gig?

Also you are offering almost 2 hours of mixes for $5. It’s so much work for so little it makes me suspicious the work will not be too good. It’s too much for just $5.

In my opinion you should lower the price of your “Project File” from $20 to $5 because you are at the beginning stage. Once you get to level 2 then you should increase prices.

Thank you very much…misscristal

Thank you very much.

It’s nothing clear about prices, if you put the cost of $ 5 the cost is small and people are ordering Gig because they feel that something is not right, if you put the price higher then the price is great and the same is happening to customers is expensive, customers do not order Gig that is properly standpoint regarding price? how much should they be the price of Gig, $ 5?

I’m sorry but I don’t understand your question. Can you ask this in a way that is more simple? No offense intended, but you may need to work on your English to be understood by buyers as well.

I think if I was to translate here I would say that he’s saying (oh my) if he puts the price at $5 people think something is not right because the cost is too low and he gets no sales. Or if he raises his prices, he also gets no sales because he is priced out of the market or too expensive. I think he is looking for the “right” amount to be charging for his Gigs.

And yes baleksandar, I do believe you will have to improve on your communication skills. It is no offense but it is very difficult to understand what you are trying to get at. If this is how you respond to a prospective buyer they will shy away.

Perhaps (I’m assuming you provide excellent work) you may wish to have someone in charge of actually running your sales. Even a friend or family member who has clear understanding of the English language.

Hope this helps. Cheers Irene

Thank you, and how you think of My Gig
I think English ?

I asked for an answer just what you said, I have a little problem with the English language

I improved my Gig, what do you think of him, and how you can make the price, whether they are large or small, do not get still orders, they think that is the reason, thanks to suggestions Baleksandar