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My Gigs are not selling anymore, why?


Hello Guys, Hope you all doing okay…
At first when i started on fivver i got a lot of orders and deliver them in very professional ways but suddenly i don’t know why orders stopped, views numbers decrease i mean number of people who view your gig to the extent of getting Zero views in several weeks.
Please guys help me what can i do to receive new orders any one please i real need your help, Thank you.


Increase your sales
You need to find the market
Promote your gig in social media networks


Probably that was a gig rotation and fiverr might’ve give you a boost at the begging.

However if your statistics s shows that your impressions also at zero then your gig might not be in search and you might need to contact support for that


Oky, thanks and i will try doing that.


Thanks much my dear and its real helpful and i will definitely try that out.