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My gigs are not show when i am searching them with keyword

so my gigs were showing at the top row with some specific keywords when I was searching for my gigs I was getting my gigs on the first page.
suddenly they vanished since the last three days, I don’t know what is the issue but when I contact the Fiverr team, they don’t respond correctly, they only say your gigs are live and active.
how should I tell them that my gigs have been ranked down and not showing with any search results?
I have even lost my previous account with level two badge the same issue, so I created this one I have complete all the requirements of level one seller in this and am about to get the level one badge.
what has happened to Fiverr why am I facing the same issue again, although my freelancing career is my only income source?
is there anyone who can suggest me any solution for this.
I won’t say my gigs are not active but they have been ranked down are not showing with search even if I am creating a new gig and search that is also not showing in any of the search results. because of this, i am not getting any new order
give me solutions, please

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same case with me. I am not getting orders like earlier. my keyword cannot find my gig. Its because of down ranking.