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My gigs are not showing in my keyword search its been months

My gigs are not showing in my keword search its been months. I used to be on top of the search but suddenly they got vanished They are showing active but they are not showing in serach results nor getting imppresions nor orders nor clicks etc.I am realy sad and annovied and i tried to contact fiver but they didnot gave a true reason they just dodge my complain i dont know what happend its been like more the 6 months no order nothing i am really deppresed right now please help me .

well sorry about that :handshake:…try putting new keywords on your title gig or look for the recent keywords relating to your gig.
Then relax, you are not alone, just keep hoping and improve your skills and try staying active more

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I did that Many times But Still Nothing I used to get order like on daily basis now its nothing and no one ever hates or dislike my services almost everyone gave me five stars i dont know how my bad luck started i cant get relaxed because it was my only income source as well as for my family because i lost my father 10 years ago. after that my mother take care of us but now she is not cappable to do that we was very happy that we start getting orders but suddenly this happens , i cant explain my situation plz try to understand me i dont know why fiver dose that .
and sorry if anything i said was wrong or hurt anybody my apologies.

okay… am deeply sorry about what you are going through… the pandemic affected lots of people and also brought in new sellers…
Please bear with the service and try changing the keywords and stay online regular… You since will come once again

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Its Happened to me before the pandemic . Unfortunate Disaster started like after three months. And I always stay online and I regularly Change my keywords .I posted this After doing everthing I Thought And hope so somebody can help me. You Guys Are My Last Hope . And Thanks For Your kind Words . May God Bless You.

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Your Gig 07 search pages will show up.
Don’t worry about it.

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thanks and you too :handshake:…

You are not alone in this crisis of no order for a while. If you go through the post in the forum you might be able to see issues like this… Attempting trying to share your profile on facebook and other social platforms that you have

Sorry I cant Understand What u said ?

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Yes You Are right Hope So it get Corrected soon .

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If you have a problem with the gig
Notify fiverr customer support service.

i did many times they just gave me lame excuse nothing more .

Just relax everything will be fine… Just create another gig in a different category that has link or line with your skill