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My gigs are not shown in online sellers gig results while I'm online. Why is that?

Also in my profile, it shows I’m not online


If you go to the settings menu that is under your profile picture and you see this :arrow_down: message then you are fine. Sometimes Fiverr runs out of green coloring and our dot will appear gray.

Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 12.03.58 PM


Online status is turned on… But my gigs are not appearing in online sellers search results

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When you first join Fiverr your gigs are given a boost for a month or two.

I see you have had 5 orders in the past 7 days, so you must be appearing in search.

However, Fiverr ToS says:


Go to settings>if you see offline then chosse online//
if it not works then contact with customer support they will solve your problem within 24 hour’s or as fast they can said…


Was my answer unclear? :thinking:

And CS has better things to do than answer questions about green status lights.

Plus I said this to @chikulive.:arrow_down:

Click somewhere. The little dot on your dashboard will turn green.

It has a set time out. If you do not interact with the website for a while, it assumes you’re busy somewhere else.

For the not showing online in search problem, those results too take some time (about 5 mins?) to update your online or offline status. It works both ways so shouldn’t affect your sales at all.

Hope that helps!


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I had in past… but still disappeared in search results

Still says i’m offline

Reduce your browser cookies

Cross check if mobile app is set is “show online”

Di that and tried again… but still it shows offline

Mobile app is set to 'show online"

The same problem attacked me. What we should now?

okay but your profile is “online” as i can see also its a green dot.

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Can you send me a Screenshot?

It says you’re online. Maybe, delete your cookies…

In profile it says online. But in gigs it should have green dot in top of my picture and Should appear in online sellers gig list. in my profile anyone can see I’m online. But my gigs are not online. That’s the problem



I never worry about the green dot when I can see the “Online” icon on my profile.

Too many of you worry about the green dot needlessly. :woman_facepalming:t2: