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My gigs are ranked but no order?

Hi, All hope everyone is doing good. My name is Mohsin Mehmood and I have spent almost 5 months on Fiverr, But still struggling for orders. I belong to the Amazon services category, my gigs are ranked but there is no order on them. Need your kind suggestions and tips. Thanks in advance


how to know your gig in ranked? you are a new saller you can,t see your gig rank. until you are 1 order complite

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Hi Mohsin, and welcome to the forums!

I checked out your gigs, and as far as I can see, you already have a few reviews on some of your gigs. However, I noticed that your gig images aren’t that great. The quality is low, and they don’t look very attractive. That might be a reason for the lack of sales. A stunning gig image, preferably designed by a professional, will probably serve you better. I recommend getting a professional designer here on Fiverr to make some awesome gig images for you.

A natural next step would be a professionally made gig video. Video has been shown to increase conversions, so if you can, I recommend having a gig video with a professional voice over produced for your gigs.

Talk to your voice over talent of choice about scriptwriting - some of us offer that service as well - and you’re better off using a native English speaker for that to ensure it sounds good.

There are lots of animators on Fiverr, and even some that specialize in gig video animation.
When it comes to your gig ranking, this is part of a much bigger picture. Your ranking in search depends on how well you have optimized your gig for search and the number of positive reviews, conversion rate, response rate and time, etc.

By getting sales, you will generate even more sales, so even though you’re not getting that many sales at the moment, getting a few great reviews under your belt while maintaining your rating, response rate, and optimizing your gig will eventually pay off. Getting started on Fiverr takes time. There’s a lot of posts on the forums asking for a quick fix to this, but the truth is that you have to take your time and slowly climb to the top.

You do that by working hard, providing excellent quality services and support to your buyers, and establishing yourself as an authority in your field over time.

My first year here on Fiverr was not that great eighter, but now I’m a top-rated seller with more than 500 positive reviews. It just goes to show that hard work over time pays off.

I’m not sure how much competition you have in your niche, but expanding your horizon, offering more than one type of service, is absolutely a smart thing to do. Just make sure it’s something you’re good at.

If you haven’t already, I recommend reading my guide on how to optimize your gig for search here, and also to visit the Tips for Sellers section of this forum for a bunch of excellent guides on how you can become more successful on Fiverr.

Best of luck! :smiley:


I appreciate but this is the same question happening to my GIG - I am not getting sales my keyword" eCommerce Photo editing" is rank 1-5 always. not sell

Have a look at my response below. Much of this, like the gig image/gig video applies to your gigs as well. :slight_smile:

May I ask you to visit my gig too and give me your valuable opinion?

The same recommendations that I posted above apply to your gig (images and video), but I’d also work on my profile description if I were you. There are many grammatical errors in your description and small things that can be improved to create trust.

If I were looking for a service to create ad campaigns, the first thing I’d look at is the graphics. If you don’t have professional graphics, you can’t create professional ads. And if your grammar isn’t perfect, you can’t write great ad copy, either.

Ensure the quality of your description and images reflect the level of service the buyer can expect from you. Therefore, in your line of work, I’d work on my skills to create better graphics and copy, and not just hire someone else to do it. That could give the impression that you’re better than you are at what you do, and you risk getting negative reviews.

I recommend looking into Canva for designs (easy to use!) and use Grammarly to help you with grammar and your writing in general.

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your kind suggestion. I shall try to fulfill all the requirements you have mentioned over here,. Appreciate your feedback