My gigs are removed because of violation of violations of our TOS and editorial guidelines


I woke up today and just shocked to see that my all gigs are removed from Fiverr search system. I contacted support and Here is my conversation with Jay (Fiverr customer support representative).

me: "Dear Fiverr Support,

My gigs are removed from search. Please make them searchable.


Jay: "Hi Rizwan,

Your gigs have been removed from the search due to having too many gigs removed for violations of our Terms of Service and editorial guidelines. Your gigs will not be able to be reinstated in the seardch.



me: "But I have not violated TOS. Can you give me the guide lines to create a gig? Please restore my gigs in search. I will keep in mind the guide lines in future. I will really appreciate your help. Fiverr is the main source of my income and it is the best place to serve. I have maintained a good ratings here and also follow the terms and conditions. But I never found guide lines to create a gig. Can you send me guide lines? I will follow them in future during creating a gig. Will really appreciate it.


Me:"Dear Jay, I only find and I am not violating anything here"

Jay:"Hi Rizwan,

This is not the first time that your gigs have been removed from search and will not be reinstated. We will not be able to provide these guidelines for you.



me"So how do I know I am violating anything? Please reinstate my gigs in search.


Jay:"Hi Rizwan,

Your gigs will not be able to be reinstated. When the gigs are removed, we expect that the gigs will not be placed back on the account again. Having gigs removed more than once can affect your ability to have your gigs appear in search.



Me:"I always reply to customers and reply them very fast. I maintained good ratings 98%. Follow the cheat sheet. If there are no guide lines to create a gig then I think my gig should not be approved.


And now Jay is not replying.

My question is that when I followed all TOS fiverr and never violated them then why it happens to me. If there are no guide lines to create a gig then how can I know I am violating Editorial guidelines? and if I am violating anything during gig creation then my gig would not be approved. The most important thing is that I kept my good ratings and always satisfied my customers.

Can anyone tell me how to report fiverr please?

I read many negative reviews about fiverr but I thought that this is good place to sell but now I beliieved that these reviews may be true.

This discussion will help future buyers.

rizwanahmed said: why is wrong with this?

Your spamming ? Your Title and Descriptions should only be aimed at humans reading.


why is wrong with this?


Reply to @rizwanahmed: It sounds very silly. :slight_smile:


@rizwanahmed I am sorry but you know exactly what you were doing here and too many people have been doing this for too long to the detriment of other sellers, just to try and rank higher in fiverr results. when I started reading this I felt sorry for you…until I saw what you were doing. It does not matter if there is a guideline for this or not its obvious to anyone what you are doing here and why. I have no sympathy for you. Reword your gigs and stop trying to game fiverr.


@rizwanahmed - and it IS in the TOS…

“Posting or sending adult, illegal, rude, abusive, improper, copyright protected, promotional, spam, violent, nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited. Doing so will get your account blocked permanently.”

jeffmoses said: nonsense or any uncool stuff is strictly prohibited


I am agreed with all of you. If there is any wrong with my gig title or description or anything else then 1st of all my gig should not be approved and if it is violating anything then it should be deleted.


Reply to @rizwanahmed: By the sounds of it, it was removed, and you just made the same gigs again


Dude, I’ve had my issues with this site, but that is clearly SPAM!!! I also felt sorry for you when I started reading, but that is just plain bad. Purposely spamming. Learn your lesson, and move on. Make a new gig and don’t do it again. Beating your head against the wall is not going to change anything.


Well I have suspended that gig and will change it accordingly.


Reply to @rizwanahmed: lol. Playing dumb won’t work around these parts, fella