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My gigs are showing in 7th page


If my gigs don’t show on first couple of pages will not give me much order I think. So can any one advice me whether any tricks to follow to bring on my gigs in the first page or 1-3 pages.

Some experienced guys advice-
One: Staying on the forum will help you on traking. Forum reading activity 5 hours a day might help to increase gig inpression.

Two: Regularly sharing on the media will also help. Sharing will bring more and more people view and click on the gigs. Thus the overall impression increases.

Three: Gig making time choose the key words and SEO words crefully. Make them as per current trend. Running business is always depends on customers taste. Some day one trick might become obsolete.

Four : Make your photo wisely to be attractive and relative to your product. Give your service briefely in the picture instead of explaining about yourself or your other expertise. More over make the photo SEO by editing the photo info. Give the same Key words used in the gig. An attractive image will bound the viwers to click on the gig for details.

Five: Make a relative video on your gig. What are the services and your offer packages might fit in it. But other anything might not help. A slide show in a nutshell also give a good impression.

At this moment I had followed all of these but still my gigs is on the 7th page. Can any experrienced guy help me to find out why it’s happening. And what wrong I did. Here is my gig details for your checking and advice-

Best regards


This is really amazing, It’s the fifth time I’m replying this question in the last couple of hours.

Did you even try to look at least at the recent topics with exact same question?

Fiverr don’t promise anyone to show their gigs on the first page and if there is really a secret why would we share it with you? So you could become our competitor and take our earnings away?

Anyways here is your “tips and tricks”

Good luck.

As you updated your post here is my update:

  1. Staying active on the forum have nothing to do with your gig rank.
  2. Sharing your gig wouldn’t affect impressions. That will only help you increase your views and mostly it’s done to get more orders and not impressions. Sharing your gig without proper marketing and target audience wouldn’t do anything for you.
  3. Photo: photo is the first thing that people see, it doesn’t have to have all “descriptions” in it. I have just my work on my gig photo and that’s enough to attract people, they immediately know what to expect
  4. Gig video can help and can hurt. If it’s bad vquality video can only harm you more.