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My gigs are Suddenly Disappeared in search Results

All my gigs were placed in 1st or second pages in Fiverr search results and now suddenly All of them disappeared from search results. I’m not getting any new orders for the past 2 weeks. What should I do to rank my gigs on the first few pages?

(Even my gigs are not shown in the online sellers filter)


Recently anything happened in your profile, like a you got any warning, your order canceled, like anything?

No brother… Nothing Happened…

Please! Take time to recovery this bad situation.

how much time needed?

ok, After a delivery complete Fiverr asks buyers privately to share their experience with Fiverr privately. If most of the buyers may provide negative feedback to Fiverr privately, this can happen. You can contact CS for details, they will never say exactly reason but they can share how to improve, you can also ask them to say how to improve