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My gigs are un-suspending themselves

I know this is probably just yet another bug in the system but I am seriously extremely mad right now. I have most of my gigs suspended, but I wake up this morning to find that one of my gigs has mysteriously un-suspended itself (unless I did it in my sleep…which I didn’t…) and there is an order on it.

I’m not talking about a vacation mode glitch–I’m saying that my gig was suspended, supposed to be invisible, with no way for anyone to see or order it, and then there it is, open and with an order. I have my conspiracy theories about what happened, but we don’t need to hear those.

Emma, I see 2 gigs on your profile. The tip gig (which you probably did NOT suspend) and a New Arrival: I will beta read your novel for $5.

And it’s open for orders! :open_mouth:

Reply to @regency85: Thanks for checking for me! That was really nice of you.

Both of those are supposed to be open (since the beta reading one isn’t really getting hits yet). There were two content-writing ones that popped up this morning that I re-suspended.

Was this a new buyer?

I received an order on a suspended gig once from a buyer who had previously purchased it. They were able to order despite my attempt to hide from the world.

Ooh, I see your gigs have minds of their own. Haha, sorry! I thought orders were coming through on a suspended gig.