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My Gigs are Up on high Rating still No Orders Nowadays

I sit daily in the front of my desktop my gigs are up am also level one positive rated seller still no orders and messages from buyers.

Why i am not getting order anyone help me?


The traffic does fluctuate. I would suggest focusing on 1 gig. Pick something that you do better than anyone else. Pick something you see selling great on Fiverr. Also pick something that is time consuming to do. Really invest 30-90 minutes on those first $5.00 jobs. It will take about 100 jobs to get one gig going. The more difficult the gig, the less competition you will have. show me a gig that uses high level skills and a time investment and I can show you how to develop it into $25.00-$100.00 an hour. This is difficult to do with automated skills because someone else will always come along and compete with you and you will have nothing to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Message me with a gig that I described above and I can help.

There is a trend to find something quick and easy. If it’s easy, everyone will soon be doing it.

webegineer, i remember you had a topic about the same complain about no order :). I know that not only you but there are many seller here are in the same situation ( me 2 :smiley: ). I don’t know the reason but i think we should keep trying to do everything we can : submit new gig, promote current gig…

I am also level 1 seller like you. Last month i receive several messages & at least 1 one order/day but now everything goes bad :(. 2,3 message/week ( new buyer ). Maybe there are too many sellers on Fiverr and traffic to Fiverr is now down month by month.

dungdung hit the nail on the head.

Here is a lesson. It’s called SUPPLY and DEMAND. Back in the day when Fiverr was unknown you had a ton of DEMAND (BUYERS) but not a lot of SUPPLY (SELLERS) which lead to people gets tons of orders. Now you have a ton of SUPPLY (SELLERS) and not a lot of DEMAND (BUYERS).

Basic economics 101. The more popular the site becomes the more likely you’ll see orders go down, not up.

You design responsive web pages, yet there are no examples displayed in your photo gallery. You should upload some. That might help.

I’m working on a website now myself (coding it). If I run into any trouble, I’ll hit you up.

yaa my promlem is so like this no any oders yet.what can i do

Add some real portfolio photo samples. You have website gigs but no samples of your work, that will not work so well. Buyers want to see real work you have done.

Me too, still I haven’t any order I don’t know what I do

The situation is different for me :slight_smile:
I thought I would not get better response from buyer In December. But got some order more than I expect.
Anyway happy New year all of you and wishing you a awesome experience at fiverr in 2016.
Happy fiverring :slight_smile:

I have pretty nice gigs… i am a Level two seller… still i get very few orders which is not sufficient. i do social promotions. i do almost everything that fiverr says… but how others are getting so much orders in their queue??? any expert?

Hey guys! Every single time when I see someone complaining they don’t get any orders and when I look at their gigs, I see HUGE room for improvement in the descriptions.
I explained what you can do here: