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My gig's are wholehearted and passionate! How do I begin to build traffic?


I’ve currently got 3 gigs up, all of which are of great quality and a huge steal if I do say so myself :slight_smile:

But that’s not the point…The point is that I cannot gain sales without positive feedback, and I cannot gain positive feedback without sales! There must be another method besides spamming twitter and facebook to draw more people into buying my gigs! I have a ton of energy and enthusiasm towards my future here, but I don’t have a clue as to where I can efficiently channel it! Thanks in advance for any help


I have 2 suggestions for you…one, don’t start off gigs with “What’s up?” That’s not very professional.

ALso, I would consider taking out that you are 21 years old. There is no need for it. And it could turn off buyers. No one really considers someone to have professional experience that includes whatever they did when they were 12 years old.

You don’t look 21 so use that to your advantage here…Just say you are a producer with 9 years experience and leave it at that.

Also, it takes time to get things going here on Fiverr so you just have to be patient.

And ok, if you want someone to be picky :slight_smile: I watched half the video for the first gig, the audio feels somewhat messy when you go from you talking to the voice over. Anything having to do with audio production that you want to sell yourself on, you need to make sure that portfolio is really clean. It may also help to have some of the video be where you are not talking, though I didn’t watch until the very end, so maybe that is there.

just give it time.

Oh also it’s $5, not 5$, so fix that as well in your gigs.


Good Day! You need to correct your description as the above member commented. Keep your gigs look professional and genuine. When you get a buyer, do your best service so that they leave out with a good rating that will help you to get more buyers, and the best way to get traffic is to promote your gigs in social sites like twitter, facebook etc. If possible add video to your gigs, explain briefly, post your samples. Just be patience, everything starts slow at first here, wish the best success with fiverr. Thank you!


Thank you both! I appreciate it so much :slight_smile: Everything you’ve said is super valid