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My gigs aren't doing anything, frozen

So basically i’ve been gone for a while from Fiverr and so i have decided to come back. So i reactivated my previous gigs and also added a new one. And so nothing was happening. No clicks, no impressions, no nothing! It’s like its frozen in time.

So my take from this would be that i think the reason that this is happening is probably that i was just gone for a while and so my gigs and account just froze up and just basically stopped

I hope someone can explain and maybe help me.


Are your gigs active and visible in the search results? If not, maybe that’s why you don’t have any clicks or impressions because nobody can access your gig!


You can try to find your gig by another account like your nearby

If i use the key words from my gig then yes it does show up.

I’d check the gigs for spelling mistakes in the gig descriptions or gig title, and maybe the image in the logo gig. That’s probably more important in gigs like the subtitle/caption gig.

Other than that, sending offers to buyer requests you can do well might help with orders.