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My gigs aren't performing

Hey I know I have been asking for help on the forums a good bit but I still haven’t gotten sales…I have been on fiverr a month and put a lot of time into my gigs…especially the 2 intro video gig…can Somone give me some guidance please.

Your low price could be the reason no one’s ordered.

$5 for almost any service doesn’t scream “quality”, let alone something as time-consuming as creating unique video intros.

I’d suggest you up your price to something that is more realistic and represents the time and effort you put into your work, assuming the news packages feature is available in your category.

Thanks for the advice but since I’m using my video templates its not as hard as custom videos since it’s not a custom service…so I think il stay at 5 for now…but I will consider moving up

The fact that it isn’t a custom video may also be the reason you’ve not had any orders. Does anyone really want a “professional” intro to their YouTube videos (just an example) that someone else may also be using?

Anyone can use a template, so I doubt most will come to someone else to create such a cookie cutter intro.

That’s just my opinion. I’m keen to hear what other people’s thoughts on this are.

the top sellers for video intros use templates too.
I’m doing the same thing as them but I’m trying to make it more valuable.

hello have a good day!
i recently checked out 3 of your gigs are not attractive make it more attractive.
buyer always want unique services.what are you come up with

here i am uploading one of my buyer post :read the first sentence in image

Can you try and say that more clearly…I cant tell what you mean with the grammar errors.

hi you need to make your all gigs more descriptive and attractive .
search top rated seller what they are givings to there buyers .
buyers wants unique services…

Ok thanks

Personally, simply reading your profile made me think "this person doesn’t seem professional…"
I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but seeing spelling/grammar errors in your description like " il " (I’m guessing you were trying to type I’ll) is a red flag for me right away.

Thanks for the tip. I am going to fix that right away!