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My Gigs aren't showing on search anymore!

After I got off vacation mode my gigs arent showing on the search anymore. My gigs were usually on the top 2 page. This is really weird. Anybody else faced this? And does anybody know how this can be solved?

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Join the club. Happens to alot of people, not much we can do.


How long have you been off vacation mode ?

Please beware that it can take a day or so to put you back into search.


Can anyone see my Gig’s? …joining the club then haha :relieved:

Your gig shows up first page, first row for ‘I will redesign your OLD logo’. But it is a highly semantic match, it doesn’t show up for generic terms like ‘logo re/design’ which is where the traffic is. If you can rank for ‘logo’ then you will be flooded with orders.

I saw a logo designing gig with 32,000 sales, yup, you read it right, 32k gigs. He had 300+ orders in queue when I last saw his page. MRW :

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I went on vacation and when I got back it was like my gig died. But time, time, time and work, work, work, was the only way I recovered. It isn’t going to happen over night, but try changing things up – change your gig description, new video, and so on you may find your way back.

I am having the same issue. I have 6 gigs and none of them show up?
I contacted customer service and they said the issue was resolved and my gigs should be showing now. 6 hours later, still not showing up!
Any suggestions?

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If you back from vocation mode and So, wait few hours almost 24 otherwise you can contact customer support regarding this issue, Support team will be resolve your issue as soon as possible. Thanks

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:confused: yes you are very correct, would better if I could rank for that keyword :smiley:, thanks for the help and tip! Thumbs up+1

And wow, 32 K sales, if that person charged $1 per sale they would have $32,000 lol , maybe a team?

Yup, it’s definitely a team. They went from “300 orders in queue” to “90 orders in queue” in just 12 hours. Assuming his average order is 15-20$$ (with vector file) that’s 32,000 X 20 made in ~3 years, which is a lot of dollars, at least 12$*

Dank meme reference :

(From another perspective, a senior software developer at the big 5 Microsoft/ Apple/ Google/ Amazon/ Facebook makes the equivalent of 32k x 20$ every year. Just trying to add another perspective to show how skewed it is for top of the league freelancers vs top of the league 9-to-5 ers)

In fact, when you click on his gig, there are other gig suggestions from other sellers, even they have like thousands and thousands of delivered gigs and hundreds in queue.

Just think about it, there are so many people, making so many sales, unfazed by the December slump, mostly Level 2 sellers, delivering hundreds of orders daily without a TRS badge, and we haven’t even met them ever on the Forum, I’ve never seen them featured on Fiverr Facebook page or podcast or twitter anywhere. They’re just minting cash, too busy to care about anything else.

I guess this is what they call silent success.

I’d love to have a chat with one of them. I hope they participate in the Forum or Fiverr staff does some sort of interview/feature.

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:smile: with the new processing fee’s, ad revenue etc. it’s soon to be the "big 6 Microsoft/ Apple/ Google/ Amazon/ Facebook/Fiverr

:relaxed: Got it 32,000$ x 20 = double the 32 = 64 and carry the 0 = 640,000$…definitely at least 12$

Great idea, but you may be out of lu*k, with sales & numbers like that, it’s most likely a team of 'highly trained designing robots` unable to communicate with mere mortals like you and me (or I and you…)

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Hey Dan, try and rank for niche keywords if your industry is too saturated for the generic keywords. After all, you are the one going up against people who have 32k sales. I’d be scared shitless if I were in your place. It’s better to rank at the top for something which represents a small sector (niche skill) of the whole pie (industry) than to try to rank for the whole industry and be thrown back to Page 4 of the search results.

I experimented and it worked well for me.

I went from ‘I will add an email subscription form to your website’ to ‘I will add an Aweber optin to your site’ and right now, my gig ranks first for the keyword ‘Aweber’. I used to have a ‘I will edit your Wordpress theme’ and ‘I will make you a Wordpress theme’ gig, but I replaced that with ‘customize your Studiopress theme’ and my gig shows up on the first row of the first page for ‘Studiopress’. I stopped trying to rank for ‘Wordpress’, now I’m ranked on the top for ‘Wordpress expert’, and the kind of gigs I get are complicated projects which have a high monetary bounty on them and I deliver quickly, so there is a high payoff considering I don’t spend much time on it. Had I ranked for ‘Wordpress’, I’d probably be getting mundane requests for website migration and domain registration which take more time to do, and requires dealing with a large number of people.

I have friends whose gigs rank for broad keywords, they receive a large volume of random buyer requests, and at the end of delivering a 5$ gig (-1$ - withdrawal fee - Paypal fee - conversion rate fee = ~2.38$ per gig), they are engaged in a battle of wits trying to make sure the buyer does not drop a bad review or worse, ask a refund.

To think of it, how many people really search for ‘email subscription form’, anyway? put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Their requirements are highly specific to their projects. They are looking for help with their specific tools/project.

You could try splitting your ‘I will make a social media banner’ gig into two gigs, ‘I will make a Facebook cover’ and ‘I will make a Twitter graphic’. Think about how many buyers really think to themselves “hmm…maybe I should get one of those social media banners for my social media” versus “let me find someone to do my Facebook cover”. Your graphics gigs could be further split into ebook covers/ app designs/ wireframe designs and so on. You are a Level 2 seller, why don’t you use all the available slots for the number of gigs that Fiverr allows you to post?

PS : The kind of buyers you get when they buy from top of the search results are also qualitatively much better than those who look for a good bargain in Page 4 of search results, in exchange for peanuts. My average sale price has gone up to ~25$ and I’ve received tips from 4 of them and raving reviews. Never had a problem with December slump and never faced the kind of stingy buyers that many people here complain about. I receive around 7 messages on an average, every week, out of which 4 end up converting into ‘custom order’ sales. I’ve worked only two months, November and December, sold 400$ worth of gigs, out of which the tooth fairy took a 20% commission. What I’m saying is, it’s still doable if you pick the right keywords to rank for you don’t need to rank for too many keywords and worry about fluctuating search rankings.

Yup, that’s definitely not the kind of massive success stories we are swooning over but I found a cozy spot within my niche, plugged in the right keywords and I am curled in comfortably.


Fiverr team is working on this and will be fixed soon and this issue is not only for you a lot of sellers are experiencing the same problem including me too!

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For about 20 days. I had too more orders than I could handle. So I had to.

Thanks! Good to know the Fiverr team is working to solve the issue.

Ahh yes, I think I remember you back then, didn’t you ask me “how I knew you were skilled although you didn’t have any sales yet…” or was that someone else? :smirk:
Good tips and help nonetheless, thanks!:relaxed:

Aw yes the perennial dreaded ‘battle of wits’ to secure the “encrusted, enchanted tomb of $2.38” :sleepy:

Yes very true, I tried a similar tactic, hopefully it`s still working for you?

lol, since you asked… actually I say that to myself every morning, that``s how I came up with the title for theGig! :wink:

…But I understand, most likely wlll change that soon, just testing the deep, deep “32k sales deep” Fiverr waters for now…lol

PS: Overall great advice, I like your statistics although so does the tooth fairy lol, your practices seem very enticing, maybe considering adding a Keyword Research gig to your arsenal, if your up to it?

Hi, help me. I’m Fiverr 2 level seller, I delete my old gigs and create new gigs, but my gig not gets Fiverr search page. how to solve it. how to rank my new gigs.