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My Gigs aren't showing up in search

Why aren’t my gigs showing up in search? Even when i’m online, and gigs have been 3-4 days old already. Got two sales. The buyers said they found me in Fiverr search. Which is weird because I can’t still find my own gigs not even from phone. WHY?

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i also had to face same problem couple month ago so after that i noticed fiverr customer support team review my account and all my gigs so i contact fiverr cs team and they ask me to change some gig descriptions and images…i think you better contact fiverr CS team

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So after you changed description and images, your gigs appeared in search?

to appeared gig you need to focus on several things

  1. keyword choose, check keyword competition, search volume
  2. choose category according you gig content
  3. create unique gig image, content also
  4. after maintain all this if your gig not appeared then go to this link >>

Submit A Request

What can we help you with? choose :: gig
What is the issue with your gig? choose :: My gig doesn’t appear in search
after submit this if all things is ok then next 24 hours your gig will be appear in search

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So I noticed, only the gig that has a feedback is appearing in search but not the gigs that doesn’t even have a feedback or atleast one order.

I don’t think so because if you do all things right your gig must be in search, besides you can do some marketing, that’s very effective for a gig.

Like favorite exchange… post your gig on some social page from where you can get impression like twitter, Instagram etc

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You are in the middle of the second page among the “newest arrivals” in Relationship Advice.

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Exactly. But the problem is that my other gigs do not show up but just that one only.