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My gigs attack hackers

Hi, I have a problem!

For two days I have my gigs attack hackers

Rascal make a orders but his account does not already exist, I did not see it then it automatically takes the money back and the work is already done! Help me please what to do???

please See attached


THis user SCAM

Please be careful! and check whether there is a profile of your customer!

Sheriff’s Note: Your image was removed. It is not cool (or allowed) to call out others on the Forum.

This order was made 10 minutes ago! After 12 hours Fiverr done automatically cancel

At moment a have 10 cancels!

This is very bad for my rating! But I’m not to blame for that so?

Sounds like you might need to click on your buyers’ nicknames to make sure they are actual Fiverr members before filling orders. If Fiverr automatically cancelled an order from one of these fake accounts, they do seem to be aware of the issue. If your cancellation rate shows these “fake” orders & cancellations, absolutely contact Customer Service and tell them to change this. I’ve heard from other posters that CS may not do that for you & might give you a hard time, but I would post this issue on Fiverr’s Twitter & Facebook & keep telling CS to fix this! It is not at all right that your reputation - which is our strongest asset here! - gets damaged for reasons totally beyond your control.